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How does it work?

Entrepreneurs and young professionals from Bavaria, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates form international teams and engage in a 2-month program composed of a kick-off workshop, an acceleration phase, and a final workshop and results presentation.
Teams are guided throughout the program by highly skilled mentors to create solutions for the proposed challenges.

Part I. Kick-Off Workshop Munich (October 17th to 21st 2022)
An intensive kick-off devoted to guiding the newly formed teams in the process to open innovation while addressing specific challenges of the participating companies.

Part II. Acceleration Phase (October 22nd to December 11th 2022)
Development of a tailored solution for the proposed company challenge supported by virtual mentoring and online collaboration tools.

Part III. Final Workshop & results Presentation Beer Sheva (December 13th & 14th 2022)

The teams present their developed solutions both to the company partners as well as to a bigger audience.

What Benefits do you get?

  • Obtain real experience in innovation and entrepreneurship while developing solutions with real business feasibility
  • Learn to solve problems in an innovative way
  • Practice co-creation with real companies
  • A unique opportunity to acquire business experience working with innovative medium sized and large companies
  • Develop your personal and professional network
  • Challenging and interesting work with international teams
  • Possibility of receiving personal recommendations by appreciated mentors and company professionals

Program requirements

  • Open mindset and interest in learning about innovation
  • Team players
  • Availability during workshops and virtual phase
  • Fluency in English
  • Commitment to the program
  • A 300€ participation fee (this includes the flight, accomodation, catering, the lectures, the mentoring, etc.) If this is an issue for you, please tell us. We always find a way for great people to participate.


  • Project management skills
  • Team leaders
  • Professional experience
  • Experience with multicultural work
  • Working in big companies/corporate environment
  • Command of Hebrew / Arabic / German


BIP Accelerator was a great experience. It was amazing to work on a cross-cultural project that combined entrepreneurship and innovation in big corporations. I had the chance to work with peers who have a completely different way of thinking, and eventually to present great ideas and solutions.

Ofir K.

Innovation is mindset and tools. BIPA gives you tools used in a real business situation. The mindset is sharpened by the international bunch of colleagues.

Christian P.

BIPA #1 gave me the opportunity to explore different entrepreneurial culture. This empowering journey helped building a network of new connections, friends, and innovative projects. Currently I’m working on my own venture and exploring the entrepreneurial lifestyle myself.

Osnat B.

When I heard about BIPA for the first time, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to be part of it. Already a few days into the kick-off Workshop, the “cultural boundaries” blurred, and we became a powerful team, which moved in the same direction with the aim to meet the innovation challenge in the best possible way. I especially liked the international cooperation, where everyone was able to contribute ideas in their own way. The out-of-the-box-thinking was not just an abstract concept at BIPA, we lived it. Instead of “what if?”, our motto was “Why not. Let’s try.”
Especially rewarding for us as a team was that Eagle Burgmann liked the concept we developed and will implement it as a pilot.

Daniel S.

I had never participated in an accelerator, hackathon, or an entrepreneur program before. BIPA gave me the chance to participate in a program that exceeded all my expectations. The workshops and professional people I’ve met in Munich were great. Not only did I gain tools and skill, but I also made new friends from Israel and Germany!

Aviya O.

Until BIPA I didn’t know how to make my entrepreneurial aspirations come true. Today I have lots of tips and tools, knowledge of technological platforms, leads, and much more information that helps me kickstart my own venture.

Gal R.

BIPA is much more than crafting innovative solutions: it’s a journey with like-minded people who want to improve their personal entrepreneurial skills and solve business challenges, while experiencing cross-cultural team work and finding new friends and perhaps future partners.

Hakan S.


What will we do in BIPA?

In general, during the pre-phase and the kick-off workshop in Munich you will be placed in an international team of four or five people, composed of participants from Israel and Germany. Each team will be working on a challenge of one of our company/institutional partners. A mentor from the company will be your go-to person for questions and guidance, and one German and one Israeli BIPA coach will be assigned for each team to help you along the way.
You will be required to develop an innovative solution to the company’s challenge, research, offer solutions, achieve progress, and present deliverables on every milestone until the final presentation to the company (June 2024).

Why should I apply for the accelerator?

BIPA offers you a unique opportunity to experience first hand what it’s like working in open innovation processes by offering innovative solutions to leading companies and businesses. Check out some testimonials here.
Moreover, you will get a rare chance to experience how it’s like to work with people from a different culture, receive mentoring from professional, experienced mentors, and enlarge your network (professional and personal).

Can I participate in the program even though I am currently a student/working?

Sure you can!
The program is meant for participants who are university students or up to five years after their last degree and already working. Just take into consideration that you need to be available for the pre-phase, the kick-off workshop, the mandatory meetings during the acceleration phase, and for the final event in June.

How much time do I need to invest?

The answer is divided into three parts according two the four phases of the program:

Part I is a mandatory fun and intensive in person workshop which will take place from April 15th to 19th 2024.
After that comes Part II which is a 8-week acceleration phase. During that time we estimate that you will spend around 6 to 10 hours per week working on your team challenge.

Part III is the concluding workshop which will take place on June 13th 2024 in a hybrid way.  It includes the final presentations to the company partners as well as our celebration of a successful BIPA 2024.

Part IV is a multi-day trip together with participants from other BIPA editions to Israel in December 2024. Explore Israel, the start-up nation, and expand your network.

How much does it cost and what is included?

There is a fee of 300€ to pay for the program, to show us you’re serious. Please tell us, if this is an issue for you, we always find a way for great people to participate.

What will you receive? 

  • Lectures
  • Mentoring
  • a great new network of international contacts
  • Flight to the Israel in December 2024
  • Accommodation during the workshop in Munich and the trip to Israel
  • Breakfast and lunch during the workshops

Who will be the corporate partners in BIPA Edition#12

The companies participating in BIPA edition #12 will be published here soon.
To view the partners of past editions, click here

What are the requirements for participants?

– For German candidates only: must be a German citizen, or hold an unrestricted resident permit in Germany, with primary residency in the state of Bavaria
– For Israeli candidates only: must be an Israeli citizen.
– A university student or recent graduate, up to five years after the last degree.
– Availability for the workshosp and time committment during the acceleration phase

– Entrepreneurial mindset
– Commitment to the program
– Team players
– Fluency in English
– Great communication skills

– Project management skills
– Team leaders
– Professional experience
– Experience with multicultural work
– Working in big companies/corporate environment
– Command of Hebrew / German

How do I apply?

Just click here!

What are the timelines for applying for BIPA Edition#12

Applications for BIPA Edition #12 are already open and coming in. There are only a few sports left. The process and timeline differs slightly for applicants from Israel and Germany. Click the link here to view each country’s timeline.

What if I don’t have a Linkedin profile?

In the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem having an updated Linkedin profile is almost a must, so just create one! Meanwhile please send us your CV with the application.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Sure! Click here to get our contact details.

For Participants in Israel

Yali Ziv-Av
Phone: +972-54- 446-3995

Give us a call

You want to get in touch with us? Please contact on of our team members!

Leave us a message

You have any questions about Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator? Please send us a message!

For Participants in Germany

Morten Edzards
Phone: +49 (0) 89 1265-3244

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