Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator


    Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator


    Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator


Your Advantages as a BIPA Partner

  • Do you have an interesting question or topics (what we call a challenge) that you want to explore? Would you like to bring a breath of fresh air into one of your business areas? You are looking for innovative solutions to problems that are currently occupying your mind?
  • Let an interdisciplinary and multicultural project team tackle that challenge from October to December 2022. The high quality standard of the projects is ensured by the constant professional and scientific support of our experiences mentors.
  • The results are available to you as a company partner. The knowledge transfer takes place via detailed project documentation and individual presentations of the results with representatives of your organisation.
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to benefit from our deep contacts into the Israeli start-up scene to find new ideas and potential cooperation partners.

What Benefits do you get?

  • Outsource innovative tailor-made solutions
  • Examine business models and ideas by a team of multicultural young professionals and entrepreneurs
  • An opportunity for locating innovative and professional skilled employees
  • Reviews and feedback by highly experienced business mentors and startup specialists from Israel and Germany
  • Become part of the BIPA company network

“Participating in this year’s Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator was a very interesting and helpful experience for us. Together with a team of four young and motivated entrepreneurs from Germany, the US, and Israel we worked on new ideas and business models. The mixture of different cultures and education backgrounds gave the project a unique spirit and helped us to think outside of the box. After just a short time the team learned to deal with the challenges caused by the geographical distance and provided us with fresh ideas and qualitative research on new ways to commercialize our unique methodology for efficient product development and modularization.”

Dr. Jan Göpfert, Managing Director, ID-Consult GmbH and Laura Jane Hoffmann, Head of Marketing & Communications, ID-Consult GmbH

ID-Consult supports companies in the manufacturing industry with consulting, software, and training in the early phase of complex products and platforms and helps them to build modular systems and reduce engineering hours and production costs.

Edition 1 – 11 Corporate Partners

For Companies in Germany

Michael Hack
Email: michael.hack@sce.de
Phone: +49 (0) 89 1265-3236

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For Companies in Israel

Omri Yitro Dai
E-mail: omri@tech7.org.il
Phone: +972 54 529 9989